Jofebar on June 18, 2019

In addition to the materials that give shape and appearance to a building, there are physical preconditions that remain fundamental – their support as a whole and the ability to stand upright: just as animals have bones, every building has a structure. Buildings have inner logics that are not negligible, the interconnection of their materials and components gives them strength, and as a consequence, these logics impose forms, patterns, orders, and constraints. In architecture, there is a long tradition of thinking that takes the biomorphic metaphor for the bearing structure, with the building becoming the anatomy of architecture. Science, new materials and technologies have allowed extra freedom in the design of buildings. This exhibition examines the attention given to the structure at the service of architecture, as it has been developed by several European designers. It will present works and methods of seven architects and engineers that allow to reflect on principles, rules, strategies and methods of structural design. Not to be missed at CCB from June 18th to September 8 th!