Jofebar on September 20, 2019

PLOT – Atlas of a particularity of Lausanne
from September 19th to October 20th
Curators: Benoît Jacques & Rui Filipe Pinto
Lausanne urban planning is defined by a dense historic center, with a continuous built-up front, surrounded by a fabric of “plots”.
These small, self-contained residential buildings have given the city that bucolic and open character of its own.
The exhibition “Plot, atlas of a particularity of Lausanne” is a discovery of this heritage of everyday life and the golden age of architecture Vaud.
Speakers of the round table:
Dave Lüthi, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Associate Professor of Architecture & Heritage
Martine Jaquet, urban planning department of the city of Lausanne, delegate for the protection of built heritage
Luca Ortelli, member of the enac management and professor in construction and conservation laboratory, epfl
Marc Frochaux, architect, editor-in-chief, member of the f’ar committee